Master Beton (EN)

Master Beton is a completely new product in the Netherlands. Within a relative short time of just some hours after the procession, the product will be drivable and walkable. Master Beton is being provided by Van De Haterd BV Zand & Cementhandel en Mix Master International.


The product will have a strength of 20 Newton within two hours after processing. After 8 hours, a strenght of 38 Newton will be reached an after seven days, the strenght of 77 Newton is reached. After a period of 55 days, the strenght of Master Beton will be approximately 125 Newton!


Van De Haterd BV, importer of Korodur, will be able to deliver the products in cooperation with Mix Master International, which is a expert in the field of processing those products. Concrete has never been useable so soon. For more information, you could watch our introductary clip of the product. Click here!


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Master beton